With a 16 year internationally recognised track record, our research examines and assists emergency services, government agencies, public health bodies and armed forces. We are interested both in the behaviour of the public services (police, army, fire etc) and the individuals with whom they are dealing (offenders, insurgents, terrorists). We utilise the full range of investigative and forensic psychological processes to research:

(i) information and intelligence (interviewing suspects and detainees, intelligence systems, risk management and prevention)

(ii) judgement, inference and decision making (diagnostics, analysis and immersive learning)

(iii) behaviour, action and recovery in teams (mitigation, adaptation and coping mechanisms).

Current funded research includes deradicalisation, interviewing high value detainees, cognitive interviewing, court questioning, crime linking, criminal profiling and risk management and prevention of sex offenders.

Staff work across many inter disciplinary boundaries including the following:

  • The Division of Forensic Psychology

The Institute for Risk and Uncertainty

The Division of Clinical Psychology