Alisha Waite

Mathematics BSc, G100
Graduated- July 2017
Current Employer- Deloitte

Summer Internship 2016- Deloitte Summer Vacation Scheme

Taking part in a Summer Internship was one of the best ideas I had at University. It gave me a summer job (which paid for my travelling at the end of third year), along with confirmed employment after University (conditional to my degree result), before entering the stressful year that is third year. Interview processes are long and hard work, but a lot easier when you don't have finals lingering in the not too distant future. The internship allowed me to really see what my job would be like before committing to it fully and gave me the opportunity to already have 6 weeks worth of experience under my belt and friends already in the firm, before starting the following year. 

My highlights: I did so much when I was there, from going on client lunches to away days. Away days are team building days and the year I did my Summer Vacation Scheme, my office went to a country estate where we went segwaying, tried archery, go-karting and obstacle courses.