Mathematical Sciences at the University of Liverpool


The Department of Mathematical Sciences is a research-led department, forming part of the School of Physical Sciences, alongside the departments of Chemistry and Physics. There are strong collaborations with and links to leading teams on campus, across the UK and internationally.

The Department is responsible for teaching a wide range of topics across a range of degree programmes in Mathematical Sciences to approximately 1400 full-time undergraduate students (BSc, MMath) and training about 120 postgraduate students (MSc, PhD). Over 60 faculty members, carrying out internationally excellent research work, span across six research clusters, four research centres and two research institutes.


We encourage applications for independent research fellowships to be based in the Department of Mathematical Sciences. Funders include UKRI (future leaders fellowships and the research council fellowship schemes), the Royal Society, the European Research Council and the Leverhulme Trust. Please contact Kieran Sharkey ( if you are interested in basing your fellowship in Liverpool to discuss the development of your application and support that the department could offer.

Research Clusters

Applied Mathematics

Partial differential equations, waves modelling, continuum mechanics, mathematical imaging, mathematical biology.

Leader: Prof N V Movchan
Deputy: Dr K Sharkey

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Mathematical Imaging
  • Waves and Solid Mechanics

Financial and Actuarial Mathematics

Ruin theory, insurance modelling, derivative pricing, pensions modelling, stochastic differential equations and control theory.

Leader: Prof C Constantinescu
Deputy: Dr O Menoukeu-Pamen

Fundamental Particle Physics

Theoretical studies of the elementary particles of nature such as the structure of protons and neutrons as well as developing testable theories for the physics which lies beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

Leader: Prof J Gracey

Pure Mathematics

Algebraic Geometry, Dynamical Systems and Geometry and Topology.

Leader: Prof L Rempe


Scientific computing, computational statistics, uncertainty quantification, data science, stochastic differential equations, optimal control theory, non-parametric statistics and Bayesian statistical methods.

Leader: Prof T Konstantopoulos

String and Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology

String theory compactifications, supersymmetric field theories, black holes physics, beyond standard model physics, alternative formulation of quantum mechanics.

Leader: Dr Radu Tatar

Research Centres

Research Institutes