Outreach Programmes

We are strongly committed to promoting, supporting and providing Maths education for school pupils, on Merseyside and nationally.

Maths Outreach team

Our dedicated team visits approximately 80 schools per year and runs activities for all ages, from Year 1 to Year 13. We also organise activities on the campus, including a Maths Club and Masterclasses.

The FunMaths Roadshow

The roadshow offers a choice of over 300 Maths activities to entertain and educate pupils.

Maths Club

For Year 10 and 11 pupils, the Maths Club meets once a month at the University. Activities are interactive, featuring presentations and exercises that reflect and complement the Maths curriculum. 

Mathematical Education on Merseyside (MEM)

Mathematical Education on Merseyside (MEM) is an umbrella organisation, bringing together staff from the three universities in Liverpool and local school teachers, to enrich the mathematical experience of high-school pupils throughout the region.

Liverpool Mathematical Society

As well as organizing the Funmaths Roadshow, the Liverpool Mathematical Society organizes public lectures, professional development events for teachers and competitions.

North West Further Maths Support Programme

Hosted by the Department, the centre provides A/S and A'level tuition to students whose schools do not offer the subject.

Classes and workshops

These include GCSE revision classes, master classes and competitions for pupils and teachers, and workshops on topics from Maths in Art to Mechanics.

To find out more about our outreach programme please contact us.