Seminars in Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences runs a number of seminar series across our areas of research.

This page shows an overview of upcoming and recent seminars. More complete listings can be found by browsing our seminar listings by research area.

Friday 20th November 2020 - Attraction to and repulsion from patches on the hypersphere and hyperplane for isotropic d-dimensional α-stable processes with index in α∈(0,1) and d≥2

Wednesday 18th November 2020 - Reform proposals for occupational plans and state pension schemes

Friday 13th November 2020 - Non-standard limits for a family of autoregressive stochastic sequences

Wednesday 11th September 2020 - The Semimetal-Mott Insulator Quantum Phase Transition of the Hubbard Model on the Honeycomb Lattice