Fundamental Particle Physics

The research of the Fundamental Particle Physics group centres on theoretical studies of the elementary particles of nature such as the structure of protons and neutrons as well as developing testable theories for the physics which lies beyond the Standard Model of particle physics.

The group members are Profs Gracey, Hands, Jack, Jones, Teubner and Vogt, Drs Buividovich, Fischer, Gorbahn, Rakow and Schaich.

The central tool for these theoretical investigations is quantum field theory and the group has world leading experts in perturbation theory and lattice gauge theory. In perturbative computations analytical and numerical methods are used to evaluate the higher order Feynman diagrams underpinning the different physical processes which take place in high energy particle colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN in Geneva, at storage rings such as the (g-2) experiment at FNAL near Chicago or at so-called meson factories. By contrast lattice gauge theory uses supercomputers to study the physics of the quarks and gluons which compose hadrons such as protons and neutrons. The actual mechanism which achieves this is the strong force which is described by the quantum field theory called Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD).


Location on the campus

Theoretical Physics Wing of the Mathematical Sciences Building 
(located opposite to the Guild of Students Building, number 501) 
Number 206 on the campus map entrance via the Peach-Street tower.

Postal address and Fax

Fundamental Particle Physics 
Department of Mathematical Sciences 
The University of Liverpool 
Liverpool L69 7ZL, UK 

Fax: +44 151 79 43784

People to contact

Head of research cluster: Prof. John Gracey

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