Mathematics Centre for Enhancement in Education

We are a team of educators passionate about the enhancement of education in Mathematics. We engage in scholarly activities to promote and support enhancement within and outside the department.

Supporting activities 

  • Providing guidance on the development and evaluation of teaching activities
  • Offering input on potential changes of module assessment structure in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the module delivery 
  • Promoting ideas to improve active student engagement and participation in classes
  • Promoting effective practice from across the department 
  • Offering ideas for fostering collaborative international student projects  

Mission statement

  1. To implement and evaluate teaching methods and assessment strategies informed by literature, especially those promoting student engagement and active problem solving.
  2. To enhance existing departmental strategies and explore opportunities to develop new policies and approaches relating to teaching, learning and the overall student experience.
  3. To encourage mathematics staff to innovate and experiment in their teaching practice to empower students as independent learners.
  4. To provide pedagogical leadership in the diversification of the design and delivery of mathematics provision, including online, blended, work-based, campus-based and part-time provision.
  5. To support, develop, review and enhance the mathematics provision across faculties, schools and international institutions with the goal of creating a thriving international knowledge-building community.
  6. To disseminate educational developments and lessons from effective and innovative Maths CEE projects both locally and internationally.
  7. To facilitate departmental alignment with university strategies in accordance with Curriculum 2021.

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