mathematical sciences at the university of Liverpool

Events in the Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences organises multiple seminar series reflecting the breadth of research interests within the department.

They are open to all staff and students of the University and we particularly encourage attendance by undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We regularly host meetings, conferences, symposia and educational events open to the scientific and wider community

30th January 2023 Eero Saksman  Dynamical Systems seminar - On multiplicative Gaussian Chaos
2nd February 2023 Ivona Grzegorczyk Fine Arts and Mathematics
8th February 2023 Purba Das Rough volatility: fact or artefact?
9th February 2023 Ignacio Cirac Barkla Lecture 2022/23 - "Quantum Computing and Simulation with Errors"
27th March 2023 (Workshop) Flexible Learning in Mathematics (registration form)
19-21st September 2023   Bridgeland Stability Spaces and Complex Function Theory