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Professor Takis Konstantopoulos Esq., Mr., Prof., Dr., Κος

Professor Mathematical Sciences


Personal Statement

Mathematics. That's all I care about.

Many items appearing on this page are untrustworthy.
They are not generated by me, but, rather, by a program that collects
random items and randomly inputs them here at random times.
These items are often incorrect, inaccurate or misleading.
(E.g., I sometimes appear to have written a paper I have not written or
to be teaching a course that I do not teach.)

So please do not click on "research", do not click on "teaching",
in fact, just don't use this page. Wrong information keeps appearing on it
at random times and I have no time to keep correcting the mistakes
of a computer program!

If you need to contact me, just email me, but do not use this page.
Thank you.

Note: Here is what I have to do every time I need to delete what is being shown automatically:
1) Go to Tulip:
Login, Input Password, Press on Send me a Code, Have Mobile Phone Ready, Press accept code
2) Click on Administration
3) Click on Web Profile
4) Click on Publication. Find a newly appeared publication and click on Do Not Show On Profile.