Francofil, launched in November 1995, is the major French Studies discussion list in the Anglophone world. It now has around 3500 subscribers, principally but not exclusively from institutions of higher education, in about 40 countries.  The list administrators are Kay Chadwick of the University of Liverpool, Jane Gilbert of University College London, and Tim Unwin of the University of Bristol.

Francofil is a not-for-profit operation providing a collective discussion and information space for scholars and teachers working in all areas of French and Francophone studies. Its working languages are English and French. The forum should not be used for postings that have no obvious connection with our subject area. Within that broad area, we encourage discussion not only of cultural, linguistic, literary, social, historical and philosophical issues, but also of practical, pedagogical and political matters relating to our discipline. We also welcome the sharing of information about resources, conferences, publications or important events of professional interest to our members, and we encourage members to post relevant job announcements to the list. Notices from academic presses are also welcome if they provide information about publications that are relevant to our membership. A weekly message containing accommodation announcements is also sent out. Francofil will otherwise not accept advertising.

Joining the list

If you wish to subscribe directly to the list, send a message to: The subject line of your message should be left blank, and the text of your message should be in the following format:

subscribe francofil your-first-name your-last-name
e.g. subscribe francofil Céline Smith

Your message, which is processed automatically by the server, should contain strictly no other text (make sure that your mailing programme does not add a signature). Shortly after subscribing to Francofil, you will receive a welcome message which confirms your membership. You will be asked to keep this message, which provides essential information about the functioning of the list and about how to sign off when you wish to do so.

List Archives

Every message sent to our list is automatically archived. The archives are fully searchable by date, word or word string, message title, message sender. You may check the archives of Francofil. We suggest that you bookmark the archives page for easy future reference.

Frequently asked questions

We also have a list of frequently asked questions as extra support for users. You can bookmark the FAQ page for easy future reference.

Facebook and Twitter

Francofil has a presence on both Facebook and Twitter. We encourage you to sign up on either or both of these pages, to which you can also post comments and links, and where you will from time to time find supplementary links and information. In addition to these pages, there is also a Francofil members in Paris page on Facebook, where list members spending time in Paris can contact each other and share information.