Institute of Irish Studies

Shirlow, Prof Peter Director and Chair of the Insititute of Irish Studies  0151 795 8173 
Shovlin, Prof Frank Head of Department  0151 794 3861 
Carson, Dr Niall Lecturer 
Downham, Dr Clare Senior Lecturer  0151 794 3834 
Hadaway, Ms Pauline Research Administrator 
Haughey, Dr Sean 
Lynch, Mrs Dorothy Development Manager  0151 794 3837 
Mcdaid, Ms Maev Outreach Officer 
Molloy, Dr Edward Busteed Postdoctoral Scholar 
Segeroth, Ms Viola PA to Blair Chair  0151 794 3075 
Elliott, Em P Marianne Professor Emerita  0151 794 3830 

Research Fellows

Foley, Dr A Busteed Postdoctoral Scholar   
Hession, Dr P Busteed Postdoctoral Scholar