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'Invitation to Observe' resources

Pauline Hadaway  - Curator

To see something in the form of an image is an invitation to observe, to learn, to attend to. Photographs can't do the moral or intellectual work for us. But they can start us on the way.

Excerpt from a Susan Sontag essay from 'War and Photography' in Nicholas Owen (ed). 'Human Rights, Human Wrongs' (Oxford: OUP, 2003, page 273).


Eugenie Dolberg - Filmmaker

Open Shutters Iraq (pdf)


Colin Graham - Photographer

‘Every Passer‐by a Culprit?’ - Archive Fever, Photography and the Peace in Belfast, from 'Thirty years of NI Photography'. 

Helen Zout - Photographer


Edwin Cubillos Rodríguez - Photographer

Photographic series, 'Labrando Memorias', commissioned by Centro de Memoria Historica, Colombia.


Watch the video on YouTube 


Chad Alexander - Photographer

Recommended reading

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• 'Heartbreaking toll of 297 suicides in one year in Northern Ireland' - Belfast Telegraph 
'Northern Ireland has highest rate of suicide in the UK but mental health funding is 25% less' - Belfast Telegraph
'Why has Northern Ireland got the highest suicide rate in the UK?' - BBC Newsbeat

Chad Alexander's work

Source Magazine 
British Journal of Photography

'Hands of History 20+'

Artist, Raymond Watson


History of integrated education in Northern Ireland

Discussion document by Colm Cavanagh, co-author of the 2016 'Independent Review of Integrated Education' for the NI Minister for Education.

Download the document