Voices of '68

In Search of Civic Society: Reflections on '68

Voices of '68 exhibition

17 November 2018 - 5 January 2019

1968: a pivotal year, and not just for Northern Ireland.

National Museums NI’s new 'Voices of '68' exhibition, comes to University of Liverpool's Victoria Gallery & Museum and encourages a fresh look at this crucial period in Northern Ireland’s history.

It is told in the words of some of those most directly involved at the time.

The project has involved producing filmed testimonies that widen the framework of public memory, supported by contemporary collecting,  public programming and the development of new learning resources.

Dealing with the legacy of the past is the principal challenge facing Northern Irish society and the cause of the conflict remains a highly contested political issue.

Revisiting 1968 challenges assumptions about the inevitability of conflict and opens opportunities for creative dialogue around issues of human rights and political reform that continue to resonate with contemporary relevance.

The Voices of '68 exhibition includes access to augmented reality video footage and will encourage visitors to reflect and contribute their thoughts and opinions.

Voices of '68 iBook

An interactive iBook has been developed by the Nerve Centre to accompany the Voices of '68 exhibition, allowing users to watch video content used throughout the exhibition and to explore galleries of images.