The Centre has a range of expertise which has enabled the creation of a robust research and development pipeline. This pipeline has been divided into 9 themes, each working in unity with the other.

Microbial Genomics

Dr Kate Baker

Genetic and molecular characterisation of vaccine targets informing the development of new and/or improved vaccines.

Vaccine Antigen Discovery and Formulation

Dr Ben Makepeace and Dr Marie Yang

Use of high-throughput - omics technologies to identify vaccine targets and evaluation of innovative materials to enhance immunogenicity.

Pre-Clinical Assessment Models

Professor Aras Kadioglu

Provision of robust and clinically relevant in vivo disease models for testing of existing and new vaccines.

Immune Correlates of Protection

Dr Qibo Zhang

Understanding of the cellular and immunological mechanisms associated with vaccine-induced protection to inform vaccine design.

Early and Late Phase Clinical Trials

Prof Neil French and Dr Lance Turtle

Testing of innovative materials to optimise formulation and enhance the immunogenicity of vaccine candidates.

Measuring the Value of Vaccines

Prof Jonathan Rushton and Dr Dan Hungerford

Describing the burden and epidemiology of vaccine-preventable diseases and measuring the performance of vaccine programmes.

Veterinary Vaccines

Prof Paul Wigley

Development and testing of veterinary vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases in cattle, sheep, goats and poultry.