Research Projects

Hagiography at the Frontiers: Jocelin of Furness and Cross-Border Politics

As part of the above two-year AHRC funded project, a one-day conference supported by the Universities of Liverpool and Cambridge was held at Abbey House Hotel, Barrow in Furness. Learn more at the Project website.

Online Froissart Project

Between September 2007 and March 2010 the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded the interdisciplinary 'Online Froissart'project, an electronic edition of select manuscripts of Jean Froissart's Chronicles, hosted by the Universities of Liverpool and Sheffield, and directed by Dr Godfried Croenen (Liverpool) and Professor Peter Ainsworth (Sheffield). The online resource is now available to a world-wide community of students, scholars and members of the general public interested in the fascinating world of the 14th-century chronicler, Jean Froissart.

Dr. Croenen and Prof. Ainsworth are also working jointly on a critical bibliography of Jean Froissart.

Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic

The Rethinking the Iberian Atlantic project was brought to a successful conclusion with the publication of a volume of essays edited by Harald E. Braun (Liverpool) and Lisa Vollendorf (San José State University, US). The volume presents the results of our international and interdisciplinary workshops and conferences (2006-2010), and offers new perspectives on the history of the Ibero-American Atlantic. Theorising the Ibero-American Atlantic gathers contributions from leading experts in the field of Iberian and Latin American history, culture, and literature. The authors query and explore the viability of the Ibero-American Atlantic as a framework of research. Their essays take stock of theories, methodologies, debates and trends in recent scholarship, and set down pathways for future research. Overall, their essays confirm both the historical reality of the Ibero-American Atlantic as well as its tremendous value for scholarship.

The contributors are Vanda Anastácio, Francisco Bethencourt, Harald E. Braun, David Brookshaw, Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Daniela Flesler, Andrew Ginger, Eliga Gould, David Graizbord, Thomas Harrington, Luis Martín-Cabrera, José C. Moya, Mauricio Nieto Olarte, Joan Ramon Resina, N. Michelle Shepherd, Lisa Vollendorf and Grady C. Wray.  Visit the publisher's website for more details.

The Prelate in Late Medieval and Reformation England

This two-day conference, held in Liverpool on 8-9 September, explored the role of late medieval and early sixteenth-century English bishops and monastic superiors, in an interdisciplinary and comparative context, investigating themes such as their political and governmental activity, spiritual and intellectual life, patronage, household and display, and the contemporary reputation and portrayal of the prelate. 

The conference proceedings, edited by Dr Martin Heale, will be published by York Medieval Press as The Prelate in England and Europe, c.1300-c.1560 in 2015.