Sustainable Swaps Guide

Posted on: 29 March 2022 by Bethan Asher in 2022 posts

Bethan Asher blog post

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” – Robert Swan, Author.
Little changes can make a big impact when lots of people choose to make them. Here are just a few ideas of sustainable swaps you can make to reduce your impact on climate change.

1. Use a reusable cup

We all know as students that coffee is an essential for those long days in the library, why not make a sustainable swap to using a reusable coffee cup rather than a paper cup and plastic lid. Reusable cups now come in all shapes and sizes so whether a latte or a cortado is your go-to there’s a cup that fits the bill. Most cups keep your drink hotter for longer too which is an added bonus! Some coffee shops even give you discount if you use a reusable cup. Have a look at or to get you started.

2. Use eco cleaning and kitchen products

Cleaning and cooking are something we all have to get used to when transitioning to student life. Try to make sure your cleaning products are as eco as possible, for example buying from brands such as Ecover and using reusable cloths rather than kitchen towels. Use glass containers to store food and invest in reusable baking sheets rather than single use baking paper to help reduce waste in the kitchen.

3. Use less plastic

Trying to keep plastic waste to a minimum is another way to help the environment. Simple things like keeping a note on your door to remind you to take a bag when heading to the shops rather than buying a plastic one can make a big difference over a long space of time. It’s also worth investing in a reusable water bottle to avoid buying plastic ones- take a look at they even do bottles with famous paintings on now!

4. Be conscious of your clothes

The UN declared in 2019 that the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions and is therefore a major contributor to the issue of climate change. Why not have a look at second hand clothes websites such as Vinted or Depop next time you need a new outfit to head to Concert Square in. Look out for clothes swaps around the city- another great way to mix up your wardrobe without buying new brand-new clothes.

5. Consider your travel choices

We all need a break from studies and enjoying a holiday is a great way to relax. Next time you’re booking some time away why not consider going somewhere in the UK rather than flying abroad. If you’re really set on heading abroad, have a look at travel options that avoid flying, such as the Eurostar. If not flying isn’t an option, consider Carbon Offsetting to help compensate for the carbon omissions produced by you flying.

Little changes make a big difference, get started making sustainable swaps today!