Exam Season Tips

Posted on: 27 April 2022 by Bethan Asher in 2022 posts

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It’s May which means two things at UoL; that nice long summer is nearly here but the grind of exam season is upon us again. Exams are stressful and let’s be honest we’re all looking forward to getting them out the way but here’s some strategies to look after yourself (and hopefully your grades as a result) during the more demanding periods of your degree course.

1. Start early and get organised

It’s easier said than done and sounds simple but the earlier you start with revision the less stressful exam season will be. Get organised before exam season begins; make sure your notes from lectures and seminars are up to date, accessible and in a helpful order. Start making revision resources early so that when exams begin, you just need to use the resources rather than start making them from scratch. Plan out all of the revision that you aim to get done before each exam and then allocate when you are going to cover each topic, some people find a revision timetable helpful for this. Having all your revision planned out means that when you’re relaxing, you can properly relax without worrying about getting everything done in time and also means that you can pace yourself and have rest days when you need them. Check your exam timetable carefully and make sure you note down when and where your exams are; be especially careful in checking whether an exam is online or in person.

2. Get into a good routine

Exams can cause increased levels of anxiety and stress but a good, established routine can help you feel more in control. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day during the week and get into good habits with a revision timetable- if you’re already waking up at 9am every day, that 9am exam day alarm will come as less of a shock!

3. Learn what works for you

Whether its flashcards or posters, practice papers or mind maps, learn how you learn best. Do you work better with a friend or on your own? Are you better in the library or at home? Play to your strengths; some people work best first thing whereas others are better in the evenings. Figure out what works for you and stick with it.

4. Most importantly, look after yourself and others

Throughout the year, but most importantly during exam season, your mental health is the number one priority. Make sure you give yourself enough breaks, talk to people if you’re struggling and have strategies in place for if you feel overwhelmed. The university has a service which you can reach out to if exam season is affecting your mental health and you need help, access it here, as well as charities such as Mind. Look out for your friends and their mental health too, exams can be a stressful time for everyone.