Food Safety Policy

Find out how we provide food that is safe and of the highest quality.

Our policy is to provide our customers (students, staff and visitors) with food that is safe and of the highest quality; meeting their needs nutritionally and as far as we are able to their dietary requirements.

Our Food Safety Management System based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) has been developed and implemented to help us achieve our policy.

We recognise that our staff play an integral part in the production of safe, clean food and we provide them with the information, instruction, training and supervision required for this purpose.

As an organisation we strive to build a strong food safety culture, providing the necessary resources to support this. The management team at the University of Liverpool are committed to food safety and all staff are required to abide by the policy and food safety management procedures.
The responsibilities for food safety are important and the particular arrangements that we have in place to implement the Food Safety Management System are set out in this policy and the food safety manual.

This policy will be reviewed and re-signed annually to ensure it is kept up to date, and that it continues to reflect the business changes in nature, size and operations.

Download our Food Safety Policy Booklet.

Download our Food Safety Policy Appendices.

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