How to activate your Loyalty Plus account

Your Loyalty Plus account gives you access to a whole host of benefits and discounts from across the campus. Get £5 free when you first top-up to £20 or more*. This page provides details of how to activate your Loyalty Plus account.

Please register using your University of Liverpool email address -

Step 1 – Registering your Email

  • Visit the Loyalty Plus portal
  • Enter your university username using eg in the email box
  • Confirm your email in the Confirm Email box
  • Click Send. 

An activation email will be sent to your University account. Once you receive this email, click the link provided.

Step 2 – Changing your password

Once you have clicked the link in the email, you will be asked to change your password.

  • Enter the same email address as before eg
  • Create a strong password that is hard to guess
  • Click Continue.

Step 3 – Logging In

After you have changed your password you will be presented with a screen informing you that the change has been successful.

  • Click the Your Account button in the top right corner
  • Log in with your new details.

You can now access the Loyalty Plus portal and your account is now active.

Not got a University of Liverpool email address?

Don't worry you can still join the scheme by creating an account here. This is for external visitors only, all staff and students should activate their account as detailed above.

Need help?

If you have any problems activating your account, please email

Full terms and conditions can be found here Terms and Conditions.

* Limited time offer. The first time you top up by £20 or more your free £5 will be credited to your Loyalty Plus account and will available from 7am the following day.

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