The Cooper group has access to a number of specialist labs and computing suites. We also carry out certain experiments - particularly high throughput activities - within the Centre for Materials Discovery.

Materials Lab

The new Materials Chemistry Lab was opened at the end of 2006 as a result of substantial University investment. This totally refurbished space provides 28 fume hoods for the Chemistry Department's materials chemists, 9 of which are allocated to the Cooper group. Each 2 m fume hood is provided with gas and vacuum lines, Schlenk lines, Radleys™ reactors and hotplates. The lab is also generously equipped with supporting facilities such as GPC, HPLC,  soxlet extractors, and rotary evaporators. 

Synthesis Lab

The synthesis laboratory currently contains 9 researchers actively pursuing the preparation and characterisation of novel porous materials. The laboratory is very well equipped with various analytical (GC, LC, LC-MS, IR, 500 MHz NMR), purification (Biotage Isolera, preparative HPLC) and ancillary (glove box, Grubb’s dry solvent still) equipment which complements the already substantial resources available through the chemistry department and the CMD. Each researcher is allocated a fume cupboard equipped with a Schlenk line along with standard laboratory paraphernalia (hotplates, Radleys carousels, rotary evaporators).