We occupy several laboratories in the Materials Innovation Factory as well as the Autonomous Chemistry Laboratory in the Department of Chemistry. Some of our researchers who focus on more fundamental robotic research are located in the Digital Innovation Facility.

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for both synthesis and characterisation, including automated synthetic platforms and analytical instrumentation based in the MIF

Techniques that we use routinely in our group include:

  • powder and single crystal (Rigaku rotating anode) X-ray diffraction; X-ray instrumentation for parallel sample analysis (Panalytical),
  • gas sorption measurements (a wide array of Micromeritics instruments plus a unique high-throughput system),
  • gas breakthrough instrumentation,
  • parallel robotic synthesis, robotic microwave reactors, robotic liquid handlers,
  • materials and analytical and characterisation equipment FE-SEM, FTIR, particle sizing, LC-MS, preparative HPLC, and NMR.

 We are also generously equipped with chemistry automation and robotic equipment including;

  • 4x Kuka mobile manipulator
  • 2x ABB dual-arm robot
  • 3x Franka Emika single arm robot
  • 5x Chemspeed platforms for liquid and solid dispensing and high-throughput screening