Open Access Equipment

Open Access Equipment

From its inception, one of the primary goals of the Materials Innovation Factory is to establish connections and break down the barriers between users, establishing a vibrant and dynamic research community.

An essential key element is the provision of access, to a state-of-the-art equipment set; consisting of high throughput robotic technologies and high-end analytical equipment, all housed in an award winning open-access laboratory. Please see details about our equipment and contact us to further discuss how we might meet your technical needs.

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    Automated Formulation Systems

    We have a growing selection of automated robotic equipment for the creation of new materials / formulated products. The MIF is at the forefront of developing new cutting-edge technologies, including our eagerly-anticipated bespoke Formulation Engine in 2019.


    Click here to view the Automated Formulation equipment brochure

    Chemical Analysis

    This is our largest equipment grouping which encompasses; innovative imaging methods, mass spectrometry and various cutting edge chromatography capabilities. This includes our Tescan Scanning Electron Microscope with Cryo stage and FIB, Imaging MS, Confocal RAMAN microscopy and SAXS.


    Click here to view the Chemical Analysis equipment brochure

    Formulation Measurement

    Characterising materials - particularly those which have complex microstructures - requires a wide range of techniques. We have capabilities to measure: product stability for flocculation, sedimentation or creaming, rheological characteristics, thermal analysis of phases as well as size domain measurements, from the nanometre up to the millimetre.


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