Cooper Group

A multidisciplinary group of chemists, roboticists, engineers and computer scientists.

We are a large and diverse group composed of PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers who are supported by experienced technical and senior research staff. We offer an interdisciplinary environment where it is possible for researchers to learn about areas outside of their immediate interests and to apply these concepts to their research.

Our research activities span a range of areas:

The ultimate goal is to combine all of the above into an autonomous closed-loop to explore untapped chemical space and discover materials that would not be discoverable otherwise.

We participate in several large-scale programs including:

We also regularly work with industry to develop commercial products and processes, this can be in the form of collaborative and contract research projects, consultancy or knowledge transfer partnerships. We have a dedicated Knowledge Exchange Scientist who manages these interactions; please contact Dr Isil Akpinar ( if you want to work with us.

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