Cauldbeck Group

The Cauldbeck Group is a team of interdisciplinary scientists focused on the use of radiochemistry to provide deeper insights into the fields of nanomedicine, polymer chemistry, formulation and biomaterials science.

Elliot Croft

Elliot obtained an MChem degree in Medicinal Chemistry with Pharmacology. During his undergraduate studies, Elliot undertook research projects focusing on polymer synthesis and controlling the size of inorganic nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery. Elliot joined the University of Liverpool Doctoral Network in Technologies for Health Ageing with his PhD, to focus on the development of dissolvable microneedle arrays (DMNs) for nanomedicine delivery for the treatment of glaucoma. These DMNs were designed using FDA approved polymers, optimising their chemical and mechanical properties for drug administration. 

Sam Morris

Sam graduated from the University of Liverpool in June 2019 with a first class MChem degree, completing his 4th year research project within the group focussing on the development of a microarray-based transdermal drug delivery system for malaria prophylaxis. Sam’s PhD research expanded upon this work, exploring the formulation, drug loading characterisation and ex vivo/in vivo release characteristics of dissolving polymeric microarray patches loaded with atovaquone solid drug nanoparticles. Sam’s research focuses involve the development of ex vivo depositional models using radiolabelled analytes, as well as the utilisation of high-resolution imaging techniques to understand drug loading within delivery devices. At the end of 2023, Sam took a postdoctoral role, funded by Unilever, to develop new radiological techniques to support their global product understanding and development programmes. 

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