‌Collaborative Provision - Policies and Procedures


New Partnerships

Any Department, School/Institute or Faculty planning a new collaborative initiative is encouraged to contact AQSD at the earliest opportunity for advice on the approval process. 


Taxonomies of Collaborative Provision

Taxonomy of Teaching and Learning Collaborative Provision

Taxonomy of PGR Collaborative Provision

Taxonomy of PGR Collaborative Provision Appendix 1 


Partner Approval Guidelines

Curriculum Mapping Template

Partner Approval Process Guidance 


Due Diligence Panel

Form A: New Partner Proposal Due Diligence ‌

Form B: Business Case for the Approval of a New Partnership Arrangement 

Visit Template (institutional level) 

Memorandum of Understanding

Requests for the approval and renewal of MoU's are considered by the Due Diligence Panel using the forms below. 

Initial advice and guidance may be sought from the International Development Office   :  



Form C: Request for Approval of a Memorandum of Understanding

Form D: Request for Approval to Renew a Memorandum of Understanding



Prior to the expiry of an agreement, AQSD will contact the relevant University Department, School/Institute or Faculty contact to discuss the procedure for the renewal of the relationships.

AQSD services the Due Diligence Panel and the Collaborative Provision Committee which has responsibility for the approval of new proposals and the renewal of existing collaborations.


Teaching and Learning Partnership Renewal Process

Guidance for Renewal of Taught Collaborative Partnerships

Application for Consideration of Renewal of a Partnership - Appendix 1

Curriculum Mapping Template 

Desk Based Pre-review Template

External adviser nomination form

Institutional Review Action Plan Template - Appendix 5

Pre-review Feedback Template - Appendix 2

Self-Evaluation Document Guidance - Appendix 4

Self-Evaluation Document Template - Appendix 3

Taxonomy of Teaching and Learning Collaborative Provision


PGR Collaborative Partnership Renewal Process

Taxonomy of PGR Collaborative Provision

Taxonomy of PGR Collaborative Provision Appendix 1

Guidance for renewal of PGR collaborative partnerships

PGR collaboration renewal criteria

PGR collaborative partnership Self Evaluation Document

PGR collaborative partnership renewal request form

External adviser nomination form

PGR Pre-panel meeting agenda

Desk Based Pre-review Template 



Taught Annual Monitoring Report Template and Guidance

PGR Collaborative Partner Annual Monitoring

Link Tutor Guide



The University of Liverpool academic lead should discuss the proposed closure with the partner, relevant Faculty staff and AQSD. AQSD is responsible for drafting the termination letter to the partner. Faculty staff are required to consider teaching out arrangements and/or providing continued support to students who remain on the programme following closure of the partnership. 


Other Enquiries

For Continuing Professional Development partnerships, please contact the CPD Team for advice on procedures.

For information about Study Abroad arrangements please contact the Study Abroad Team.