Photo of Professor Ian Prior

Professor Ian Prior

Associate Pro Vice Chancellor, Technology Infrastructure and Environment Directorate (HLS) and NWCR Professor of Molecular Oncology Molecular & Clinical Cancer Medicine


    Personal Statement

    My lab use a variety of ‘omic, imaging, biochemistry, cell signalling and phenotypic assays to investigate isoform and mutation-specific Ras signalling and drug resistance. Our quantitative/systems-focussed approaches are aimed at understanding how cellular context determines the outputs of intracellular cancer signalling networks so that we can inform novel anti-cancer therapeutic strategies

    Prizes or Honours

    • NWCR Chair in Molecular Oncology (NWCR, 2015)

    Funded Fellowships

    • Royal Society URF renewal (Royal Society, 2009)
    • Royal Society University Research Fellowship (Royal Society, 2003)