Student awarded Microbiology Society Prize 2022

Posted on: 10 October 2022 by Zuzanna Nawrocka in October 2022 Posts

Zuzanna Nawrocka, a third year Microbiology student has been awarded with a Microbiology Society Undergraduate Prize 2022. Undergraduate Microbiology prizes are awarded annually to the undergraduate student, in each qualifying institution, who performs best in microbiology in the second year of a Bachelor's degree.

After a rocky start into university in 2020 through the pandemic, I really dedicated myself to work even harder in my second year of studies. Since then, I have acquired an Employability Award, Microbiology Award, became a career coach and secured a spot in the Women’s First sports team for the third year in a row.

I initially chose to study microbiology as I was intrigued as to how microorganisms cause disease and how they can be manipulated to improve our quality of life and our environment. Microbiology plays a significant role in modern biotechnologies, from antibiotic and vaccine production to exploitation of new sources of energy and medicine.

My programme consisted of lectures, seminars, tutorials, and laboratory workshops; all of which involved either independent or/and collaborative work. Working alongside incredible microbiologists undergoing active research always made me feel proud of how far I’ve come. To be nominated by my Programme Director, Gemma Wattret, for best achievement in microbiology skills units was a shock. I appreciate the recognition of my efforts but more so the confirmation that I have been doing well academically. It is definitely a rewarding feeling and a necessary boost for final year.

The Microbiology Society is a membership-based organisation for scientists interested in microbes, who seek to broaden their knowledge. They are one of the largest microbiology societies to reach a worldwide audience, working with universities, industries, hospitals, research institutes and schools.

Undergraduate Microbiology prizes are awarded annually to an undergraduate student in their second year of full-time study for a Bachelor’s degree, who performs the best in microbiology. The winning student usually receives a cash prize, a certificate and a free year’s Undergraduate Membership to the Society. The purpose of the prize is to promote awareness in the study of microbiology to undergraduate students, and to broadcast and encourage excellence in the field.

As I explore the resources available with my new membership, I am most looking forward to the networking opportunities at Microbiology Society events. Meeting academics and other undergraduates or postgraduates working in my field could be massively helpful when establishing my career in this industry. Access to educational resources, provided in the membership, would also advance my knowledge on current global topics. This would be particularly beneficial as I complete my Honours project this year and plan to complete a Master’s degree in the future.