Sustainability Department

Our sustainability teams are embedded across the University to help drive change and build sustainability into everything we do. Nicola Davies, Chief Financial Officer is the executive lead for sustainability and Chair of the Sustainability Board.

Our key management contacts and full team structure is listed below. The team use a central email address and we encourage staff and students to contact us on

Sustainability teams

Directorate of Finance, Planning and Change

Based within the Directorate of Finance, Planning and Change, the Sustainability Department coordinate the delivery of strategic objectives set out in the University’s Sustainability Strategy and Climate Plan. This includes our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and our target to reach Net Zero by 2035. Working closely with the Environmental Sustainability and Energy Services team within FRCS, implementing governance, policy, strategy and action plans, communications and engagement, and embedding sustainability principles and practices into the everyday business of the University and our partners. 

Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services 

Based within the Estate Management Division of Facilities, Residential and Commercial Services (FRCS), the Environmental Sustainability and Energy Services team work to implement and deliver an environmentally compliant and climate resilient sustainable campus.  The estate has a far-reaching impact on carbon emissions, biodiversity, travel and transport, waste and our circular economy, water, and more.  The team works closely with the central Sustainability Department to support development of the University’s Sustainability Strategy, shaping campus sustainability objectives and performance monitoring, with particular emphasis on plans to meet our Net Zero 2035 target.

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