Delivery of the Sustainability Strategy is being managed through the following governance structures.

The University Council, in partnership with Liverpool Guild of Students, has overarching responsibility for ensuring that the University meets its SDG Accord commitments, including reporting to the UN each year on how the University has contributed to the individual SDGs.

The Senior Leadership Team has overarching responsibility for the University's Sustainability policy and receives quarterly updates from the Sustainability Board. Leadership for sustainable development is critical and enables the University to integrate a range of related issues into education, research and business activities.

The Sustainability Board is chaired by Nicola Davies, Chief Financial Officer and SLT Lead for Sustainability and has strategic oversight of the strategy, annual sustainability report and Environmental Management System. It brings together the work from the individual Advisory Groups into a holistic framework. This Sustainability Board is driven by Advisory Groups that are aligned to the UN SDGs, which have been created to develop specific projects or programmes which support the Board. 

The Advisory Goups are a central point to capture information and are responsible for delivering core objectives and initiatives that support key ambitions of the Sustainability Policy, Strategy, and the Environmental Management System. 

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