What is Laboratory Efficiency and Assessment Framework (LEAF)?

LEAF is a green initiative developed by University College London (UCL) to improve the sustainability and efficiency of laboratories, technical workspaces including workshops, studios and galleries.

LEAF contains actions which lab users can take to save plastics, water, energy and other resources. By taking part in the programme, laboratories and other workspaces can reduce their carbon emissions and create an environment that supports research quality.

Laboratories are awarded either a Bronze, Silver, or Gold level depending on how many sustainability actions they take.

A key feature of LEAF is that it allows participants to estimate what impact their changes have made (both in financial and carbon terms) with user-friendly calculators.

LEAF is supported by the UKRN (UK reproducibility network). This is in recognition that high-quality research is sustainable research – Ensuring that studies are reproducible and that we make use of the data we generate is a sustainability challenge as well as one for science. UKRN provides an annual review of the actions within LEAF which relate to research quality.

LEAF is also supported by the National Technician Development Centre (NTDC), in recognition that the application of sustainable lab practices improves career development and visibility for technical staff.

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Setting up a LEAF green lab team

The LEAF initiative by UCL will help you improve the sustainability and efficiency of your laboratories.

More about LEAF

More about LEAF

Find out more about LEAF and the benefits of becoming LEAF accredited.



Access LEAF posters, switch off stickers and how to guides.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Find out more about our accredited laboratories so far.

Who to contact about LEAF

Who to contact

Contact our faculties for more information on LEAF.