X Ray Diffraction

X Ray Diffraction is designed to enable and accelerate the advanced structural characterisation of nanomaterials across multiple material classes with a wide range of morphologies targeted for specific application.

The primary function of the “X-ray diffraction capability for nanoscale and thin film structure” is to strengthen the functional material discovery activities across the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Liverpool. The excellence in materials discovery in the University is driven by the close interaction of chemists, physicists, surface and material scientists, computational modellers and engineers. This equipment has been tailored to deliver advanced structural characterisation for three cross-discipline enablers as depicted in the figure below. It provides versatile x-ray diffraction capabilities related to:

  1. Structure determination in polycrystalline and single crystalline materials
  2. Epitaxial relationships and dynamical x-ray diffraction simulation
  3. Interfaces and surfaces analysis.

This equipment is designed to support the accelerated discovery of new functional materials by enabling three cross-faculty activities:

  1. Determination of structure-property relationship and design
  2. Integration in nanostructure for device fabrication 
  3. High throughput characterisation and manufacturing processes.


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