Primary Care and Mental Health

Rowe, Professor FionaHead of Department PCMH- Professor of Orthoptics and Health Services Research0151 794 4956
McEvoy, Miss SarahPA to Head of Department - Department Administrator PCMH0151 795 4249 Ext:54249
Academic Staff
Al-Chalaby, Dr Gydhia GP and Academic Clinical Fellow 0151 795 1859 Ext:51859
Burton, Dr LeanneResearch Fellow
Chapple, Dr MelissaLecturer
Corcoran, Professor RhiannonProfessor of Psychology & Public Mental Health
Finnis, Dr SarahProgramme Lead for the National CPD course in Perinatal Clinical Psychology
Fisher, Dr PeterSenior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology/ PGR lead0151 794 4160
Fu, Dr YuTenure Track Fellow0151 794 0672 Ext:40672
Gabbay, Professor MarkProfessor of General Practice & Director of ARC NWC
Harvey, Dr KathrynAcademic Clinical Fellow
Hepworth, Dr LaurenTenure Track Fellow0151 795 5315
Hildyard, Dr KatherineSenior University Clinical Teacher
Ismail, Dr UmarResearch Fellow
Joyce, Professor DanielProfessor of Connected Mental Health0151 794 0429 Ext:40429
Kinderman, Professor PeterProfessor of Clinical Psychology
Perkins, Professor ElizabethProfessor of Community Nursing0151 794 5909
Rahman, Professor AtifProfessor of Child Psychiatry & Global Mental Health
Shantsila, Dr EduardSenior Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care
Sharp, Professor HelenProfessor of Perinatal and Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology
Sikander, Dr SihamResearch Fellow
Slade, Professor PaulineProfessor of Clinical Psychology/Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Wright, Dr LauraTrial Co-ordinator
Williams, Professor NefynProfessor in Primary Care/ IPH PC/Clinical lead FEMuR III/ACTIVATE RENAL-HF0151 795 5305
Research Staff
Bali, Miss PolettResearch Assistant0151 795 5352
Bozicevic, Dr LauraResearch Assistant Wirral Child Health Study and Bangalore Child Health Study
Clarke, Ms PamNIHR RDS Case Manager 0151 795 5324
Fisher, Miss LouiseResearch Assistant on the ESMI II study
Gay, Ms JessicaAdmin Support for RfPB work
Gray, Dr NicholasPost Doc Research Associate
Hunter, Dr Rebecca Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jones, Ms AnnePublic Advisor Researcher
Khan, Dr NailaResearch Assistant
Kirton, Dr JenniferPost Doc Research Associate 0151 795 5364 Ext:5364
Masood, Mrs YumnaResearch Assistant at REDUCE - Urdu project
McNally, Miss PoppyResearch Technician
Mikhaylova-O'Connell, Dr YelenaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Mulholland, Mrs HelenResearch Assistant/PhD Student
Nisar, Ms AnumResearch Assistant
Page, Dr HelenResearch Associate M-RIC0151 795 5318
Ralph, Ms PennyPost Doc Research Associate FEMuR
Santa, Mr KristofRA
Ujhelyi Gomez, Dr KatalinPostdoctoral Research Associate
Waqas, Dr AhmedPhD in Psychiatry /Research Assistant in Global Mental Health
Williams, Mrs EmmaPublic Advisor Researcher
Williams, Ms SuePublic Advisor Researcher
Wyche, Mrs JoyResearch Assistant
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme
Adderley, Dr LaurenUniversity Clinical Teacher
Allen, Miss FernStudent Experience Admin Assistant
Angelakis, Dr IoannisLecturer in Clinical Psychology
Bowe, Dr JennyYear 2 lead (Clinical Team)
Butchard, Dr SarahClinical Director
Byrne, Dr ChristopherUniversity Clinical Teacher
Cherry, Dr GemmaPGR Lead/ Lecturer/ DClinPsychol Research Tutor/ Year 3 Lead
Dayus, Dr BeverleySenior University Clinical Teacher/Tutor Practitioner /Year 1 lead
Dunnill, Ms JoStudent Experience Clinical Administrator
Elahi, Dr AnamResearch Lecturer/ Y1 lead
Faija, Dr CintiaLecturer in Clinical Psychology
Gillespie, Dr StevenResearch Director
Greenhill, Dr Beth Clinical Director
Harpur, Mr JohnStudent Experience Y2 & Y3 Academic Administrator
Harrison, Mrs AmandaStudent Experience Team Leader
Hubbold, Mrs NicolaSenior University Clinical Teacher/ CBT Pathway Lead
Jackson, Miss CerianUniversity Clinical Teacher
Kelly, Dr SarahSenior University Clinical Teacher
McGowan, Mrs RachelSenior University Clinical Teacher
Mezes, Dr Barbara Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Murphy, Mr ThomasStudent Experience Adminstrator0151 795 5446 Ext:55446
Smith, Dr CamillaUniversity Clinical Teacher
Trayner, Dr PennyAcademic Director D'Clin Programme & SUCT
Twiddy, Dr HannahAcademic Director & Senior University Clinical Teacher
Van Vuuren, Dr JulieYear 3 lead (Academic Team)
Watson, Miss SophieStudent Experience Admin Assistant & Timetabling Co-ordinator
Weatherhead, Dr StephenSenior University Clinical Teacher/ Year 1 Lead (Clinical Team)/Engagement lead
Zhao, Dr MengyaResearch Tutor
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology Programme Trainees
Atherton, Mrs Lauren
Bamber, Victoria
Beal, Ms Erin
Boland, Miss Angel
MacDonald, Miss Jennifer
Burbidge, Miss Chloe
Calderbank, Miss Amy
Camp, Miss Bethany
Chaisty, Miss Frances
Conway, Mx Wren
Cooper, Miss Bethany
Cotton, Ms Kate
Denniston, Mrs Alice
Ebere-Anaba, Miss Cynthia
Elliott, Ms Rachel
Ellis, Ms Jane
Fakolade, Miss Julianah
Ferguson, Miss Lucy
Foster, Miss Sophie
Gibson, Mrs Helen
Greenwood, Miss Emma
Gregory, Miss Hannah
Panesar, Miss Ranjyot
Griffiths, Mr Martin
Hall, Miss Gemma
Hardy, Ms Rosa
Haythornthwaite, Mrs Lauren
Hodkinson, Ms Rachel
Hooper, Miss Katherine
Hughes, Miss Mishca
Hughes, Mrs Michelle
Hurst, Miss Rachel
Hussain, Miss Misbah
Johnson, Mrs Kerry
Jones, Miss Lucy
Jovanoska, Mrs Jelena
Karachaliou, Dr Dimitra
Keyes, Miss Aisling
Lester, Miss Rachael
Luce, Mr Gareth
Ludwig, Mrs Hannah
Mairs, Miss Jodie
Manslow, Miss Abby
McGrath, Miss Laura
McGuinness, Miss Ashleigh
McGuirk, James
Mercer, Ms Louise
Middlebrook, Miss Laura
Millar, Mr Chris
Mooney, Miss Jacqui
Mottershead, Miss Trixie
Murray, Mr Calum
Nicholson, Miss Hannah
Olabi, Miss Yasmine
Oliver, Miss Clio
Owen, Miss Dawn
Palaszczuk, Miss Aleksandra
Parekh, Mr Hari
Pearson, Miss Emily
Perry, Ms Ella Tomasine
Quinn, Ms Georgie-Anne
Ashton, Miss Abbey
Salter, Miss Amy
Sawczuk, Mr Adam
Sheffield, Miss Deborah
Shenton, Miss Naomi
Sheppard, Miss Louise
Smith, Miss Kimberley
Smith, Miss Lucy
Smith, Mr Thomas
Smith, Miss Verity
Tanti, Miss Ruth
Temple, Dr James
Thornhill, Miss Hannah
Tinker, Miss Victoria
Vaughan, Mr Matthew
Wadsworth, Miss Rosamunde
Walker, Miss Natasha
Walton, Miss Samantha
Wells, Miss Jodie
Widdrington, Miss Helena
Wiles, Mrs Akpevwoghene
Williams, Miss Siobhan
Wilson, Miss Rachel
Wynter, Miss Eloise
Yates, Miss Lucy
Mahama, Miss Nihad
ARC North West Coast
Gabbay, Professor MarkProfessor of General Practice & Director of ARC NWC0151 794 5610
Ball, Mrs RuthAdministrator PCIE&P NIHR ARC NWC 0151 795 1404
Caprioli, Dr Thais Research Assistant
Charles, Mr DarrenNIHR ARC NWC Communication Lead0151 795 5342
Cloke, Dr JaneNIHR ARC NWC Programme Manager, Associate Director0151 795 5368
Cunningham, Miss SianCommunications Officer NIHR ARC NWC
Dixon, Dr PeteNIHR ARC NWC Theme Manager
Forsy, Ms DebraARC Administrative Assistant0151 795 1409
Giebel, Dr ClarissaSnr Research Fellow HaCAL NIHR ARC NWC, Older adult’s subtheme lead/PDRA0151 794 9966
Goodall, Dr Mark NIHR RDS Research Fellow and RDS Case manager /NIHR RDS Res Fellow MIDAS Theme 0151 795 5330
Guy, Mrs SianManager NIHR ARC NWC HaCAL/PCCC Themes
Hassan, Dr ShaimaPCIE&P Research Fellow NIHR ARC NWC0151 795 5346
Liu, Mrs AnneARC North West Coast Administrator0151 794 5538
Prato, Ms LauraPost Doctoral Research Fellow ARC NW
Polden, Dr MeganPost Doc Research Associate
Readman, Dr Megan Rose Post Doc Research Associate
Wallis, Ms SelinaPublic Involvement Manager ARC NW
Watson, Dr JamesPost Doc Research Associate