Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

Our collaborative team is made up of experts in pain, vision, multisensorial research, virtual reality and cortical plasticity

Our Members

Group lead

Sophie Wuerger, Professor of Vision Science

Pain Research

Chris Brown, Senior Lecturer in Pain Perception

Nicholas Fallon, Lecturer

Andrej Stancak, Reader in Neuroscience

Vision Research

Sophie Wuerger, Professor of Vision Science

Carole Bode, Lecturer

Philippe Chassy, Senior Lecturer

Alexis Makin, Senior Lecturer in Perception

Charles Leek, Professor of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

Giulia Rampone, Lecturer in Visual Perception

Laurence Tidbury, Associate Member

Daniel Roberts, Senior Lecturer

Reshanne Reeder, Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience

Multisensorial Research, Virtual Reality & Cortical Plasticity

Sophie Wuerger, Professor of Vision Science

Cesare Parise, Senior Lecturer

Emmanuel Biau, Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow 

Neurobiology of Language, Speech and Memory

Emmanuel Biau, Sir Henry Wellcome Research Fellow

Francesca Branzi, Lecturer

Dimitris Tsivilis, Senior Lecturer

Farah Akthar, Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology

Daniel Roberts, Senior Lecturer

Raluca Petrican, Lecturer

Social Cognition

Idalmis Santiesteban, Lecturer 


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