Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience

We make use of state of the art facilities to conduct our research in purpose built labs.

Our Facilities


The EEG laboratory aims at quantification of spatio-temporal activation patterns in the human cortex occurring during cognitive, emotional and perceptual processing. Event-related potentials and cortical oscillations can be evaluated. The laboratory hosts three amplifier systems, a 128-channel EGI, a 64-channel Biosemi system and a 64-channel Brain Products system. Read more

Brain Imaging

Liverpool Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre (LiMRIC) LiMRIC has expertise in 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning. Read more

Eye tracking

The eye-tracking system can record information at speeds of up to 360 Hz and with a built-in video head-tracking system makes it an excellent, unobtrusive way to measure visual attention. Read more

Virtual Reality

The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) delivers innovative Digital Engineering solutions to industry, through the exploitation of academic research and the latest scientific and technological infrastructure. Read more

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