Substance use, misuse and dependence

The aim of our research is to further understanding of the neurobiological, psychological and behavioural underpinnings of substance use, misuse and dependence. We research psychopharmacological mechanisms of action, acute effects, abuse potential / dependence potential, consequences of long-term use and harm-reduction. We also research potential therapeutic effects and drug / medicine development.

Our work uses state-of-the-art methods including: functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS), electrophysiology (EEG), functional and structural brain imaging (fMRI), Eye-tracking, and behavioural/neuropsychological studies of substance users in order to inform  public health policy and harm reduction strategies around substance use.

We also have a ‘Bar laboratory’ facility that allows us to conduct alcohol administration studies within the Psychology Department. The bar lab has been equipped to give the appearance a 'pub', increasing the ecological validity of experimental research. The lab is used for experimental studies funded by ESRC, MRC, the Wellcome Trust, and Alcohol Research UK.

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