Photo of Dr Carl Roberts

Dr Carl Roberts PhD, MRes, BSc

Tenure-Track Research Fellow Psychology


Personal Statement

I completed a PhD at Liverpool John Moores University in 2014 which was examining neurophysiological correlates of executive dysfunction in ecstasy/polydrug users. This entailed using various neuroimaging techniques (EEG and fNIRS) to examine brain function in chronic drug users. I completed a post-doc at the University of Liverpool with the appetite and obesity research group, in a collaboration with the obesity and endocrinology research group at Aintree University Hospital (European Assoication for the Study of Obesity Collaborating Centre for Obesity Management), working on a clinical trial investigating the effects of T2DM drug Dapagiflozin on eating behaviour, and neurophysiological correlates of appetite using fMRI. As such, my primary research interests are of the neuropsychopharmacology and of motivated behaviours (eating, drinking, drug taking). As part of the appetite and obesity research group, I have a keen interest in understanding the mechanisms by which pharmaceutical drugs can modify eating behaviour acutely, and as a psychopharmacologist / neuroscientist I am interesting in how chronic drug (e.g. MDMA, cocaine, cannabis) use can altar brain function/structure.

I have continued to use my neuroimaging skillset, as well as other in silico neuroscience meta-analysis methodologies as part of my fellowship with colleages at Unilever Research and Development to investigate mouth-brain-gut interactions, as well as other sensory neuroscience projects.