Filming at Ness

​Photography and filming

Ness Botanic Gardens is popular as a filming and photo shoot location. A wide range of onsite locations are offered, providing the ideal backdrop whatever your requirements. The majority of our locations are available throughout the year.

We are able to offer a range of indoor and outdoor filming sites, including 64 acres of open gardens, historic buildings and facades, and our light and airy Visitor Centre.

As a popular visitor attraction, open to the public across the year, all crews are supervised by a member of Ness Botanic Gardens staff during any filming or photography. This is to ensure that the Gardens are used responsibly and that the crew has support while onsite. We ask all crews to be respectful of Ness Botanic Gardens property and plant collections, and that all operations onsite are carried out with consideration to the unique location.

Non-commercial filming and photography includes images used for personal use (for example, photographs taken to commemorate a special occasion not held at Ness Botanic Gardens) or that promotes the work of Ness Botanic Gardens. Please contact us for details of rates for non-commercial filming and photography.

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