To achieve its vision, the Centre will span the following research themes:

Computational Materials Design

Computational Materials Design

Computational design is the linchpin within the Materials Design Engine here at Leverhulme Research Centre.

Experimental Materials Design

Experimental Materials Design

The experimental programme will interact dynamically with the computational advances in materials design from the very start of the programme.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation

Automation is hugely powerful for more focused, hypothesis-driven searches, where it can accelerate the synthesis and measurement steps in our Materials Design Engine.

Exponential Knowledge Growth

Harnessing Exponential Knowledge Growth

Our 10-year objective is for Centre researchers to work with an AI ‘research advisor’ that acts as a semantic reasoning interface with the knowledge base.

Management research

Management Research

The very management of the Centre will be an object of research led by team members from the Management School.

global context

Global context

Researchers trained in the Centre must understand the broader context of their work – what are the socioeconomic drivers for discovering new materials?