The Department of Infection Biology and Microbiomes focus on how pathogens interact with their hosts at the molecular and cellular level, with the aim of designing better diagnostics, vaccines, and drugs.

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Infection Biology and Microbiomes

Department of Infection Biology
Stewart, Professor JamesHead of Department
Hudson, Ms JillAdministrator to Infection Biology0151 794 4229
Infection Biology, IB - Principal Investigators
Ainsworth, Dr StuartSenior Lecturer and Future Leader Fellow
Cwiklinski, Dr KrystynaLecturer in Veterinary Parasitology0151 795 0224
Campbell, Professor BarryProfessor0151 794 6829 Ext:6829
Darby, Professor AlistairProfessor0151 795 4557 Ext:4557
Edwards, Professor StevenProfessor0151 794 5815 Ext:5815
Evans, Professor NicholasSenior Lecturer0151 794 4755
Ganapathy, Professor KannanProfessor0151 794 6019
Hiscox, Professor JulianProfessor0151 795 0222 Ext:0222
Hodgkinson, Professor JaneProfessor0151 795 0223 Ext:0223
Horsburgh, Dr MalSenior Lecturer0151 795 4569 Ext:4569
Jackson, Dr AndrewReader0151 795 0225 Ext:0225
Makepeace, Professor BenProfessor0151 794 1586
Radford, Professor AlanProfessor0151 794 6121
Bell-Sakyi, Dr Lesley0151 795 0226 Ext:0226
Shirazi-Beechey, Professor SorayaProfessor0151 794 4255 Ext:4255
Stewart, Professor JamesHead of Department0151 795 0221
Urbanowicz, Dr RichardLecturer
Williams, Professor DianaProfessor0151 795 0220 Ext:0220
IB - Research Staff
Armstrong, Dr StuartPostdoctoral Research Associate
Ball, Dr ChristopherPostdoctoral Research Associate
Dong, Dr XiaofengPostdoctoral Research Associate
Howell, Dr AlisonPostdoctoral Research Associate
Luu, Dr LisaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Marriott, Dr AmyResearch Associate
Midha, Dr SamritiPostdoctoral Research Associate
Moran, Dr AndrewResearch Associate
Prince, Dr TessaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Randle, Dr NadinePostdoctoral Research Associate
Sharma, Dr ParulPostdoctoral Research Associate
Sheridan, Dr VictoriaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Walsh, Dr TessaPostdoctoral Research Associate
Wedley, Dr AmyPostdoctoral Research Associate
Bell-Sakyi, Dr LesleySenior Research Fellow
Subramaniam, Dr KrishanthiTenure Track Fellow0151 795 9643 Ext:59643
Rose Vineer, Dr HannahTenure Track Fellow
IB Professional Services
Bonner, Dr ShirleyResearch Technician0151 794 6014
Glover, Mrs CatherineResearch Technician
Hartley, Mrs CatherineSenior Technician0151 794 1495
Hudson, Ms JillManagement Services Team, Student Experience & IB Administrator0151 794 4229
Jopson, Mrs SueSenior Technician
Prendergast, Dr SamuelResearch Technician
Steinke, Dr SonjaResearch Technician
Emeritus Professor and Honorary Senior Research Fellows
Bradbury, Em P Janet
Carter, Em P Stuart
Clegg, Dr Simon
Coombes, Dr Janine
Daly, Dr Kristian
Jones, Em P Richard
Naylor, Dr Clive