What are the Terracotta Warriors? Four amazing facts!

Posted on: 14 August 2018 by Leon Rocha in 2018 posts

Head of a Chinese sculpture

We explore the Terracotta Warriors exhibition at World Museum in this video with Chinese history expert, Leon Rocha. Find out how they were discovered, how they were made and more!

Four amazing facts about the Terracotta Warriors, with Leon Rocha

Did you know....

...about politics and society in the Qin Dynasty? The kind of regime that enabled enormous vanity/luxurious projects like the Emperor's Tomb/Terracotta Warriors, as well as the Great Wall of China and the Epang Palace (unfinished) - mobilising an incredible amount of labour and resources - was likely to be fairly authoritarian in nature.

One of the most important sources on Qin Dynasty, 'The Records of the Grand Historian', claimed that there was a burning of books and live-burial of scholars/intellectuals around 210 BCE on the order of the First Emperor. Although more recent historians have begun to cast doubt on this episode.

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