Our top tips to beat the Blue Monday blues this January

Posted on: 15 January 2018 by Sophie in 2018 posts

Portait photo of a young man
'Young man from Saint-Pierre' © Private collection. Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool.

January blues can be tough. But what should you do when Blue Monday comes around when you're trying to prepare for your exams?

We've gathered together our top tips for chilling out! So if you need a break, why not try some of these ideas, to get yourself some zen vibes... 

Check out the 'Ink and Blood' exhibition

If you haven’t explored the current 'Ink and Blood' exhibition at the International Slavery Museum, then what better time to put down your revision books and go. And if you can’t quite manage to peel yourself away from exam prep, it’s open until September.

Wander at the Walker Art Gallery

Find some Pre-Raphaelite beauties, hang out with Lucien Freud or have a peaceful wander amongst the statues - all for free.
(If Burberry loved it, then so should you!)

Man in a gallery ‌

Make like a hippy in Sefton Park

Watch the ducks, hop across a brook, frolic in a fairy glen. What else does a student need?

Sefton Park


Grab a cuppa at Leaf on Bold Street

They say - "we have a range of 50 rare loose-leaf teas from across the globe". We say - get the kettle on!



Stare at the sky in Abercromby Square

If you're studying history, languages, archaeology, politics or Irish studies, then it's right on your doorstep.

A grassy Georgian square

Ghetto into golf

We're not sure about the combination of golf clubs and access to beer at Liverpool's Ghetto Golf, but having a putt might just help you a bit.