Let's meet...a history masters graduate

Posted on: 7 December 2017 by Lisa Jones in 2017 posts

Emma Copestake

Find out what it's like to study a history masters with us at Liverpool, from prize-winning graduate Emma Copestake.

Let's meet Emma...

I love Liverpool!

I moved here from Nottinghamshire in 2012 and I love Liverpool – I couldn’t see myself doing what I’ve done here, anywhere else. It’s been really supportive, not just at the university, but people that I’ve met and come across. They’ve been so willing to help with what I’m interested in doing, which is great because I want to work with the people from the city, not just with records and archives. So it’s been really good and I’ve been really grateful for the support that I’ve had at the university and more widely, in the city in general.

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