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Please find below a list of our current PhD and PDRA research opportunities.

PhD positions

Computational Modelling of Nano-Bio-Interfaces

We invite applications for a PhD studentship as part of the Doctoral Training Centre in Biofilms Innovation, Technology and Engineering (BITE). The student will perform computational chemistry research at surfaces and interfaces under the supervision of Dr Matthew Dyer and Prof Rasmita Raval at the University of Liverpool.

Biofilms are communities of micro-organisms that stick to each other within a matrix or at a surface and represent the dominant mode of life for bacteria on earth. Biofilms impact on a ~$5 trillion global economic activity and impact on health and major UK industrial sectors. Understanding and controlling the interaction of molecules with the surfaces of inorganic materials is crucial to gaining control of biofilms and to prevent their formation.

Through self-assembly, biologically important molecules from amino acids to peptides and proteins, can be used to pattern the surfaces of inorganic materials and alter their biological activity. Such patterned surfaces provide a controlled route to reproducing the nature of biological binding sites and promoting the selective binding and reactivity of substrates. This project will utilise multi length and time scale computational approaches to study such surfaces, in collaboration with experimental researchers at the University of Liverpool’s Surface Science Research Centre and Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces.

Application Deadline - 31st October 2023

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