About us

The Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces is a dynamic multi-disciplinary initiative to develop new processes and technologies that will tackle:

  • The detrimental impact and economic burden of microbial activity on materials, surfaces and interfaces in UK industry
  • The urgent societal problem of increasing microbial resistance to existing antimicrobial treatments.

The Hub brings together the expertise, ideas and resources, allowing academic, clinical and industrial partners to share knowledge and innovation in the science of antimicrobial surfaces.

Our vision

The Hub is focused on designing and engineering a new generation of intelligent surfaces and materials that are capable of inhibiting bacterial, viral, and fungal attachment and proliferation.

Our vision is to:

  • Create advanced, cross-disciplinary scientific platforms in antimicrobial surfaces
  • Develop smart antimicrobial strategies that inhibit spread and proliferation of hazardous microbes on surfaces in industry and healthcare
  • Stimulate growth and support business driven innovation in the UK economy
  • Deliver sustainable antimicrobial innovation that has global societal impact
  • Provide cross-disciplinary skills training to innovators in industry, as well as infection prevention and control practitioners in the NHS.

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