Centre for Sustainable Business launches new programme for the future leaders in business sustainability

Posted on: 21 September 2023 in Issue 6

The Management School’s Centre for Sustainable Business (CSB) is launching a new executive education programme, ‘Shaping Sustainable Futures’, for the future leaders in business sustainability.

Starting on 24 January 2024, this three-day thought-provoking short course is aimed for decision makers who hold a sustainability-related role or can influence their organisation’s approach to sustainability.

“The Shaping Sustainable Futures programme has been designed to enhance organisations’ strategic approach to sustainability and help them reimagine how their business can shape a better future”, said CSB Director, Professor Jo Meehan.

The programme has been born out CSB’s research on methods for studying futures and draws on its diverse sustainability expertise and growing evidence base.

It is structured around a series of interactive sessions, where participants are encouraged to think holistically and systemically over longer time frames, and different viewpoints are presented to uncover assumptions, critical uncertainties and blind spots in attention.

These activities will help participants create scenarios to explore a variety of multiple alternative futures.

The aim is not to predict or forecast a probable future, but to build skills and tools to improve their strategic foresight and discover their organisations’ agency to shape a preferable sustainable future.

“As well as helping participants discover how their organisation can benefit from future thinking to create sustainable opportunities, our goal is to create a network of pioneering leaders, who we can partner with to build opportunities and share learning”, said Jo.

“By joining the ‘Shaping Sustainable Futures’ programme you will become part of a community of like-minded individuals who share a strategic mindset that strives for a more sustainable future for businesses and society.”

Professor Jo Meehan, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Business

Applications for the programme are now open for staff working for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

The cost is £750 per person, with the price including fees and lunch for all in-person sessions. There is a limited amount of fully funded places available for people working in small organisations.

Find out more

For further information about the programme, costs and to book your place visit the Shaping Sustainable Futures webpages or download the Shaping Sustainable Futures Flyer.

For general queries about the programme, please contact Iona Thomson at I.L.Thomson@liverpool.ac.uk or csb@liverpool.ac.uk for the Centre for Sustainable Business.