Photo of Dr Joanne Meehan

Dr Joanne Meehan PhD, MCIP, ISM, PGCE LTHE

Senior Lecturer Operations and Supply Chain Management


Personal Statement

Academic and noted thought leader in the procurement discipline. Her work focuses on power and the social-economic impacts of procurement.

Jo's research is recognised at national and international levels and is impacting policy and professional practices in UK organisations across public, private and third sectors.

Prizes or Honours

  • Highly Commended - Staff Awards. (University of Liverpool, 2020)
  • Certificate of Teaching Excellence (University of Liverpool Management School, 2019)
  • Winner of the 'Best research paper with managerial Implications' award for the paper "Modern slavery in asymmetric supply chains: Power plays through strategic ambiguity" (IPSERA, 2019)
  • Winner of best healthcare paper award, for paper: Menzies, L, Meehan J, and Harris, N (2018), Let and forget: a dilemmas perspective on contract governance in healthcare procurement (IPSERA, 2018)
  • Winner of best published paper in Journal of Purchasing & Supply Management in 2016, for paper: Pinnington, Meehan, and Scanlon (2016) A grounded theory of value dissonance in strategic relationships, JPSM, 22(4), 278-288 (JPSM, 2017)
  • Winner of best healthcare paper award, for paper: 43. Meehan, J., Menzies, L, and Michaelides, R. (2016), Aggregation versus value-based procurement in public healthcare procurement (IPSERA , 2016)