SurvivalGWAS Suite


SurvivalGWAS_Power (v1.5)

Description: SurvivalGWAS_Power is a user friendly tool for power calculations and data simulation in pharmacogenomic studies with time to event outcomes.

SurvivalGWAS_SV (v1.3.2)

Description: SurvivalGWAS_SV is software for the analysis of Genome-wide association studies of imputed genotypes with time-to-event outcomes.

rareSurvival (v1.0)

Description: rareSurvival is a computational tool for the analysis of rare variant association studies with time-to-event outcomes.


Other software tools


Classification of immune receptor repertoires

R code to perform clustering of immune repertoires. Takes a set of CDR3 sequences from multiple individuals (some with known classification/disease status) as an input, then firstly generates k-mer counts for these sequences, and then clusters samples based on the kmer counts. Classification can then be determined according to the known status of the majority of individuals within a cluster.

B-cell Vaccine Inference

This is a collection of R scripts for the identification of vaccine specific B cells from immune repertoire sequencing. It seeks to classify B cells as either vaccine-specific, non-specific or background.


DECoN (Detection of Exon Copy Number) is a sensitive and specific tool for detection of exon copy number variants (exon CNVs) in targeted sequencing data. DECoN provides quality checks and visualization to enhance utility for the clinical setting. DECoN is optimised for use on targeted panels run on batches of samples. DECoN is implemented in R and has a strict version control. It therefore will not be affected by future changes to any packages or their dependencies.


An online tool to help guide on the design and analysis of biomarker-guided trials.


Reporting guidelines for pharmacogenetic studies.