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Energy, Air Pollution and Health Research


Evaluating Interventions

Randomized Exposure Study of Pollution Indoors and Respiratory Effects (RESPIRE)

A typical open fire in a highland Guatemalan homeThe first randomised controlled clinical trial to test the impact of an improved cookstove intervention on child pneumonia was conducted in the highlands of Guatemala among a population who used traditional three stone wood fires for cooking prior to the intervention.

Households (n=534) with a pregnant woman or young infant were randomised to receive an improved woodstove with chimney (n=269) or to remain as controls using a traditional three stone fire (n=265). The impact of the intervention on concentrations and exposure (women and infants) to HAP was assessed over an 18 month period through measurements of carbon monoxide levels.

the plancha chimney stoves of the type used in the RESPIRE trial

In addition to the primary outcome of child pneumonia, the effect of the stove and measured reductions in exposure on a number of other adult and child health outcomes have been studied, including birth weight and respiratory symptoms and lung function in mothers.


The trial was carried out jointly with the University of California, Berkeley (Professor Kirk R. Smith) and the University del Valle, Guatemala (Dr Byron Arana). Study team members from the University of Liverpool were Professor Nigel Bruce (Co-principal investigator), Dr Mukesh Dherani (data preparation and analysis for child pneumonia), Dr Daniel Pope (senior analyst for maternal respiratory health).


Primary funding was provided by the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the World Health Organization.
Additional funding for the maternal respiratory health component was provided by The Norwegian Research Council.

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