Marta García-Fiñana

Prof. Marta García-Fiñana is a Professor of Health Data Science at the University of Liverpool. Marta has expertise in the development of clinical prediction models and classification, as well as in the design and analysis of preclinical and basic science studies. She is particularly interested in the development of personalised risk models to predict the future clinical status of a patient using baseline and clinical data collected over time. Marta leads the Liverpool Multivariate Data Modelling Research Group and she is involved in a number of research projects as PI or Co-I (MRC, Horizon 2020, CRUK and NIHR). Marta is currently a committee member of the DPFS Medical Research Council panel, which focusses on the development and testing of medical devices, diagnostics and new therapies, and of the NC3Rs grants assessment panel.


Trevor Cox (Honorary Appointment)

Dr Trevor Cox is a Reader and Director of Cancer Statistics and Bioinformatics at the Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit. Dr. Cox was Head of the Clinical Data Sciences Group at Unilever R&D, Port Sunlight. Dr. Cox has written two books on multivariate data analyses and has a long track record of publications in a wide range of statistical topics, including clinical trial methodology, quality of life data, multivariate data analysis and statistical process control.


Christopher Cheyne

Dr Christopher Cheyne is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Health Data Science. Chris has worked on a number of projects using multivariate data analysis techniques with applications in the areas of epilepsy and diabetic retinopathy. He analyses large datasets from multiple sources and is currently working on TREGeneration, a European Horizon 2020 project on Graft-versus-host disease and various COVID-19 research projects. Chris has contributed to the development of courses on Multivariate Data Analysis.


David Hughes

Dr David Hughes is a lecturer in Health Data Science in the Department of Health Data Science. David’s research interests include variational Bayes approximation techniques, longitudinal data analysis with multiple longitudinal outcomes, electronic health records data analysis and prediction modelling/classification tools. David works across a variety of applications including COVID testing data, diabetes, liver cancer, epilepsy and metabolomics data.


Dr Kukatharmini Tharmaratnam

Dr Kukatharmini Tharmaratnam is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Health Data Science. She has developed expertise in the areas of parametric and semiparametric regression techniques, high-dimensional data modelling, missing data modelling and modelling recurrent events. She is currently working on the projects VOID, TREGeneration (a European Horizon 2020 project on Graft-versus-host disease) and COVID-CNS.


Sab Siddiq

Sab Siddiq is a full-time PhD student in Health Data Science under the supervision of Dr. Hughes and Dr. Liza McCann and Dr. Steven Zhao. His work focuses on cluster analysis of comorbidities in people with JIA/jSLE/JDM, deprivation indexes, longitudinal measurements of inflammatory disease markers using CPRD data. This project is funded by Hugh Greenwood Legacy Fund, and is a collaboration with the Experimental Arthritis Treatment Centre for Children at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and the Paediatric Rheumatology Clinical academic team at the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility. Prior to this, Sab worked for an ESRC programme to develop multilevel mixed effect models at KCL.



Additional PhD students under current co-supervision by members of this group include:

  • Conor Whitley - Multiple Biomarkers Selection for Personalised Medicine: Applications in Cancer. First Supervisor: Dr. Martin (Department of Physics)
  • Maha Alsefri - Methods of statistical and computational learning specifically for longitudinally recorded outcomes. First Supervisor: Dr. Kolamunnage-Dona (Department of Health Data Science)
  • Dewi Romdhoniyyah - Characterization of age-related macular disease in people with diabetic retinopathy. First supervisor Dr. Beare (Department of Eye & Vision Science)
  • Katherine Trivino Cepeda - Investigation of the safety and efficacy of renal regenerative medicine therapies using advanced imaging technologies. First supervisor: Dr. Wilm (Department of Molecular Physiology and Cell Signalling).
  • Margarita Karageorgou (2021-present) - Evaluation of the responses to radiotherapy treatment in rectal cancer (First Supervisor Professor Pritchard)


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