My First Paper: Jessica Henderson

Posted on: 4 August 2022 in August 2022 posts

New Jessie Henderson
Jessica Henderson

This week we continue our 'My First Paper' Campaign, showcasing researchers and their research - with Dr Jessica Henderson, from Psychology, Institute of Population Health

What was the title of your first paper and who was it submitted to?

Title: Neural correlates of texture perception during active touch in the Behavioural Brain Research journal

My paper used sensors placed on the scalp (EEG) to measure brainwaves. We asked participants to feel three different textures, smooth silk, soft brushed cotton (similar to fleecy pyjamas), and rough hessian (similar to a potato sack).

Textures were mounted to a touch sensor which recorded finger force and position. Brain activity showed increased activation over areas associated with touch processing. In particular, differences were found in brain activation between the textures.


How would you explain what this paper was about to your grandparents?

I was investigating ways of showing how our brains perceives texture and used sensors on the scalp to measure brainwaves when volunteers were asked to touch fabrics with very different textures. 

What was the most significant thing for you about that paper?

For the first time, active touch was quantified and fused with electroencephalography data streams, contributing to the understanding of the neural correlates of texture perception during active touch.

What advice would you give to others about submitting their first paper?

My advice for other students: don't give up! The road to publication can often be long and demanding. Keep working on your manuscript, and take any help and advice offered to you.

Jessica is a final year sensory neuroscience PhD candidate at the School of Psychology and you can follow her on @HendersonJess