Energy, Air Pollution and Health Research

Senior Staff

Dr Daniel Pope, Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology and Public Health

Daniel Pope is the research theme lead. He holds an MSc in epidemiology (University of Manchester 1995) and PhD in epidemiology (University of Manchester: Colt Foundation Fellowship 1998). He has been a member of the research theme for 15 years after working as an analyst on the first ever Randomised Controlled Trial of an improved cookstove in Guatemala (RESPIRE) looking at the impact of the intervention on maternal respiratory health. 

He has carried out research investigating the impact of improved cookstoves on exposure to HAP in Sudan, Kenya and Nepal and of clean fuel (ethanol) on exposure to HAP and health outcomes in Madagascar. Daniel has substantial experience in the conduct of systematic reviews and meta-analysis and has led review work (i) contributing to the evidence base for the Global Burden of Disease in relation to household air pollution; and (ii) WHO Air Quality Guidelines for household fuel combustion. Daniel’s main research interests in this field are (i) HAP and maternal and child health and (ii) upscaling the availability of clean energy in LMICs to reduce HAP and improve health (reducing health inequalities). Daniel leads on epidemiology and statistics modules as part of the Masters in Public Health course run by The Department of Public Health and Policy and is co-founder of the European Summer School in Evidence Based Public Health.

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Professor Nigel Bruce, Professor of Public Health

Nigel Bruce is an Emeritus Professor at the Department of Public Health and Policy and a senior adviser and consultant to the research theme. He trained in Medicine at Cambridge (UK) and the London Hospital and completed professional training in General Practice before embarking on a career in Epidemiology and Public Health. He gained an MSc in Epidemiology 1985 from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a PhD in Epidemiology in 1991. He moved to the University of Liverpool in 1992, where he was Director of the MPH programme (1993-2006) and Head of the Division of Public Health 2007-2009. His main research interests are in social and environmental health determinants, defining risks, evaluating interventions, and supporting the development and implementation of policy. Much of Nigel’s work over the last 20 years has been focused on addressing health risks associated with household energy use in developing countries, through reduction of household air pollution (HAP), prevention of burns, and related links to development and climate change. He was co-chair of the HAP expert group contributing to the recent Global Burden of Disease (2010) study. Since October 2009, Nigel has worked (approximately 50%) with the World Health Organisation (Geneva) supporting the programme on household energy, air pollution, health and climate change, and leading the development of new WHO Guidelines for household fuel combustion.

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Dr Debbi Stanistreet, Senior Lecturer in Public Health

Debbi holds a PhD in public health and is a senior lecturer in the Institute of Teaching and Learning, University of Liverpool and is faculty director of widening participation within the Institute. She is an experienced epidemiologist who has used mixed methods in public health research and has a research interest in access to health services and maternal and child health in LMICs. This has led to her involvement in household air pollution research and in particular, uptake of cleaner fuels for cooking in low-income countries. Debbi has led reviews on investigating the enabling and limiting factors influencing the large scale uptake by households of cleaner and more efficient household energy technologies, including cleaner fuel and improved cookstoves. She was also the qualitative lead on mixed methods research of improved cook stoves in Kisumu, Kenya. Debbi contributed to the development of the latest WHO Air Quality Guidelines on household fuel combustion.

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Academic Research Staff

Dr Mukesh Dherani, Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Mukesh Dherani is a medical doctor from Pakistan and holds a PhD in Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Dherani has been working with the University of Liverpool for nearly 10 years with the main area of interest in assessing the health impacts of household air pollution (HAP) due to solid fuel burning in the developing world. He has been involved in the analysis and publications of the RESPIRE trial data and led systematic reviews assessing the HAP related risk of pneumonia in under 5 children. Mukesh was part of the WHO Air Quality Guidelines development committee. He currently leads Gates Foundation funded work investigating mechanisms for the relationship between exposure to HAP and ALRI in children.

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Dr Elisa Puzzolo, Senior Research Fellow

Elisa is an honorary senior research fellow at the Department of Public Health and Policy (University of Liverpool) and Director of Research at Global LPG Partnership (GLPGP), a public-private partnership established in 2012 under the United Nation Sustainable Energy for All Initiative (SE4All) with headquarters in New York. In August 2013 Elisa joined the World Health Organization (Geneva), where she supported the programme on household energy, air pollution, health and climate change, and contributed to the finalisation of recently published 2014 WHO Air Quality Guidelines for household fuel combustion. While in Liverpool, she led a DFID-funded systematic review investigating the enabling and limiting factors influencing the large-scale adoption and use of clean household cooking technologies, including improved cookstoves and clean fuels.

Much of Elisa’s current work focuses on addressing the health risks associated with HAP by promoting clean cooking fuel alternatives such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in high-need countries. She is responsible for designing, planning and managing the research and M&E strategies for all projects linked to the current GLPGP’s activities in Sub-Saharan Africa and in India. She is also the liaison point with the health research community at the global level and in GLPGP focus countries.

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Dr James Higgerson, Research Associate

James is a research associate based in the Department of Public Health and Policy, University of Liverpool and is currently the quantitative lead on the LPG Adoption in Cameroon (LACE) studies – investigating adoption and sustained use of clean fuel (LPG) at scale in Sub-Saharan Africa. He graduated from Lancaster University with a BSc in Psychology, later completing a PhD in Epidemiology at the University of Manchester. His previous work in public health has looked at alcohol-attributable harm and the burden of disease in European urban areas, developing methods for natural policy experiments around public health issues, and the inequalities impact of local authority pricing policy in relation to leisure in England. Currently, he is leading work for LACE and LACE-2 projects overseeing the quantitative data collection and dissemination looking at the health impacts of increased adoption of clean fuels for cooking in Cameroon.

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Lirije Hyseni, Research Associate

Lirije Hyseni is a research associate based at the Department of Public Health and Policy, University of Liverpool and has been working for the research theme since January 2013. She gained an MSc in Nutrition and Health (2012) from Wageningen University before working at the Department on qualitative research investigating household preferences on different improved cookstoves designs in Kisumu, Kenya. In 2016, Lirije became the project coordinator for the LPG Adoption in Cameroon Evaluation (LACE) Study, working directly with the Cameroon research coordinator based in Limbe from the University of Douala. She is currently overseeing the next phase of the research (LACE-2) including coordinating micro-finance and practical cooking interventions and leading the evaluation of enablers and barriers to adoption of LPG in regions of limited market penetration in central Cameroon.

Dr Sara Ronzi, Research Associate

Sara Ronzi is a research associate based at the Department of Public Health and Policy, University of Liverpool and began work for the research theme in October 2016. Sara has extensive experience in participatory research methods including using photo voice (PV) and recently submitted her PhD thesis which included systematic review, and qualitative methods (including PV) investigating the constructs of respect and social inclusion in older people living in cities. She is currently leading participatory research investigating traditional and clean fuel use and preferences in peri-urban communities in Cameroon for the LACE studies.

Cameroon Research Partners

Dr. Bertrand Mbatchou (Principal Investigator for Cameroon)

Dr. Mbatchou is a Medical Doctor & Consultant Physician in Respiratory and Occupational Medicine at Douala General Hospital, Cameroon. He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Douala. With expertise in respiratory health, Dr. Mbatchou is the Principal Investigator in Cameroon for the LACE studies.

Dr. Atongno Humphrey Ashu (Research Manager, Cameroon)

Dr Ashu is a Medical Doctor at Douala General Hospital and acts as Research Manager for the LACE studies, with managerial responsibility for data collection in Cameroon.

Dr. Nganda Motto Malea (Fieldwork Coordinator)

Dr. Malea is a Medical Doctor based at Douala General Hospital, Cameroon and is the fieldwork coordinator for the LACE studies, overseeing data collection for the various studies, including fieldworker coordination and data management.


Our fieldwork team in Cameroon, all appointed by Douala General Hospital, are conducting data collection for LACE and LACE-2, including quantitative surveys, measurements of household air pollution exposure and stove use, facilitating focus group discussions and semi-structured interviews, and working with participants to complete the photo-voice study.


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